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Blast & Blast 2.0

Blast is offered weekly to all students in grades K5 - 6th grade.  Students gather together every week to play, laugh, learn, and serve the community with a monthly mission experience.  The goal is to teach the kids a foundation of God and the Word so that later in life they can expand on what they learned at an early age. 

We want BLAST to be a place where kids want to go to have fun and, most importantly, learn about Jesus.
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Blast 2.0

We are excited to announce this expansion of the Blast kids' program.  Blast 2.0 will provide an opportunity for ALL kids to find their place at church! Led by Amy Reeves who has acquired 17 years of experience serving this community, Blast 2.0 was created to give children with disabilities a better opportunity to have fun and learn about the love of Jesus!

Psalm 139:14

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